• Painted roof oven with support legs with two wheels that can be disassembled.
  • Cooking chamber dimensions: width 70 cm, depth 50 cm.
  • Cooking capacity: two pizzas.
  • Direct cooking wood burning oven, suitable for the outdoor cooking lovers, made of wool-rock insulation in order to keep the warm longer and to assure a perfect food cooking. Suitable for cooking pizza, but also for meat, vegetables, bread or cakes.
  • Stainless chimney
  • Thermometer
  • Steel closing small door opening oven
  • Support legs with two wheels that can be disassembled.


  • Delivery time 4-6 weeks after PO and payment received!
  • More information needed? Please send your inquery to wi@pizza-aroy.com

Piccolo forno - WOOD fired oven!

SKU: PI-AR-YUMTaoPiccolo
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    2. Delivery time: approx. 4 -6 weeks after PO and payment received 
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